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Vibidsoft has a team of dedicated Kohana developers who have built great web applications using Kohana, an HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller) PHP5 framework which offers a rich range of components for developing light weight, easy-to-use and secure web applications. It provides complete support for UTF-8 and i18n, little configuration, and many tools such as translation tools, code profiling, database access, validation and encryption for a developer in a highly flexible system.

  • Kohana custom web applications development
  • Kohana custom theme development
  • Kohana custom plug-in development
  • Kohana custom modules development
  • Kohana Integration with third party libraries
  • Kohana migration services
  • Kohana portal development
  • Kohana Website development
  • Kohana Upgradation services
  • Kohana maintenance and support
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